by Meteor Smash

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released January 9, 2015

Vocals: Tim Rose
Drums: Brandon Bigos
Guitar: Brian Thomas
Bass: Jake Cepis

Recorded and Produced by Nick Brower



all rights reserved


Meteor Smash West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Stomp -> Knee
I can see right through you
The truth is nonexistent like your spine
You get away with everything and that's a fucking crime
You're the one that's guilty and the victim at the same time

You think it's not the same
Never the one to blame
Safely guarded behind a pitiful excuse for fame
Just spare me the noise
We're not your fucking boys

You won't stop til they believe it
Empty threats to keep your best friends grieving
I won't be tied up on the same short chain
Quit pretending you have a clue about real pain

I'm so sick of the games that you play
You can't explain a single thing that you fucking say
I won't believe all the lies and the threats
Til you're cold and fucking dead
I refuse to be controlled by strings
You can't explain a single thing
I won't believe another threat
Til you're cold and fucking dead
Track Name: Heretic (Wasted)
Stop it with the secret shit nobody's fucking fooled
You always have to whisper like you're too fucking cool
You act like it's a secret cause you want people to know
What, you want a fucking medal? Get up and fucking go!

My mind
It doesn't need that shit
My time
Is not to be wasted

Go ahead what the fuck do you want me to say
Just let me live my life a slightly different way
It's not a fucking problem, it's not a big deal
It's not your fucking business I just wanna fucking chill

My mind
It doesn't need that shit
My fucking time
Is not to be wasted


My time is mine
And yours is wasted
Track Name: Cross-Up
Having trouble waking up on the right side of the bed
Another day, another rumor's getting spread
Maybe I'm unlucky or I'm just a piece of shit
I think it's kind of funny, I don't give a fuck what they call me

Don't make me fucking laugh
You don't know the fucking half
Like I fucking care
Alright, I guess you got me there


All along, it took me twenty years to see
I can't trust people and they can't trust me
Surround myself with the friends I call mine
Because nobody else is worth the fucking time
Not one.
Track Name: AWP
Fuck you if you don't like the music.
No room for a filthy poser
Fuck you if you don't think this song's sick.
No room for a fucking poser
Track Name: FOXDIE
I'm not the one who needs to calm down
I'm always hearing the same shit, don't turn around
You wanna start it? Fucking finish it. Shit!
You're throwing punches but you're too afraid to take a hit

You will always be
No friend to me

Quit acting like you're on my fucking team
It's too late, cuz now I'm bursting at the fucking seams
So simple minded you can't even see
Respect isn't free, and you're no friend to me

No friend to me
Track Name: Limit Break
I don't understand why you're talking to me
I'll never be the person that you want me to be
Your standards: high. Your sincerity: none.
You don't understand my situation
Don't even try, don't even fake it
You soiled my pride, and I won't take it
I did my time, you had your fun
Now I'm just glad we're done

Treated me like trash but nobody's ever seen it
Told me it was all my fault, and I believed it
Acting like we're friends and everything's fucking straight
Realized what you did was wrong, but now it's too late

Carefully timed so there wasn't a single witness
Pushed me one too many times, and now I'm finished
How could I have been such a fool to trust?
All I know is that was the last time, I'm fucking done

Take all your shit and let the fucking door hit you

I have my crew
Take all your shit and let the fucking door hit you
Take all your shit and get the fuck out